The Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Association (REEVA) is a Do-It-Yourself club to help members do solar/wind installations and build electric vehicles at project homes thus cutting the cost by removing labor. We also promote Wind Farms such as local Poor Mountain (Roanoke) and Beechridge (W-VA) and large scale Renewable Energy Projects.
Email me at markehanson1 at gmail dot com to sign up and I’ll email a membership form to return.
All grid tie projects must have an electrical permit acquired by the homeowner posted prior to REEVA doing any work.
Note all my RE & EV circuits are on  www.evdl.org/lib/mh for public domain.
Our renewable energy future is like a 3-legged stool: residential solar, utility scale wind turbines and electric cars all working together.

REEVA President Mark Hanson in front of one of three pole mounted solar arrays in his yard

How REEVA Began
When REEVA President, Mark Hanson, went on the Solar Home tours and spoke with renewable energy folk’s the main conversation topic was, “Gee the energy (solar/wind) is free but the equipment is expensive.”
A typical turnkey solar grid tie installation is $4 per watt or $20k for a standard 5kw system (without incentives). The total parts run about $2 per watt so system cost is *half* about $10k with REEVA volunteers helping the homeowner do the labor.  It’s best to install on a 25 year roof since the panels and micro-inverters are warranted for 25 years.  Some websites say 12.5 years since the shingles last longer under panels.  Note, since July 2015 AEP passed a new law that they size a system up front based on the previous 12 month’s usage – so check with them prior to buying parts.
 Our Reeva CIMA accident/liability insurance is now $345 and since there are an average of two-four solar/wind systems we need $172 per system prior to starting for insurance reimbursement.  If there’s more than two projects per year, the rest will go in the Reeva account for T-shirts, posters etc.   Also homeowners requesting help need to help with 3-5 projects prior to the club helping with yours.
I was told that someone should start a club where group member’s help each other to build solar/wind systems and electric cars (that charge on such systems). Thus REEVA was born where volunteers do the labor (like a barn building) and others can see finished projects and learn. (There are also excellent local installers, some are REEVA members who do turnkey projects for folk’s who don’t want to go the DIY route.)
We follow the www.electricauto.org (EAA) bylaws and code of ethics since we are an affiliated club of this 501c3 organization. We also follow the associated www.evdl.org email code of ethics. “Harrasment by or toward any member will not be tolerated”, thus will be dropped from the email list, namecalling or attacking anyone specifically (since email names were voted on to be displayed).
See WWW.PLUGSHARE.COM to add your outlet for EV’s to plug in or to see where to plug in while traveling.
Project websites:
A member’s well documented DIY thermal & PV solar website (Jermy Styles) is http://solarenergyinwv.blogspot.com/
Another PassivHaus we worked on Jason Specht’s house by Adam Cohen, good info is http://passivepreservation.blogspot.com/
Turnkey Solar installations with Mark Howard Master Electrician www.solarpro.com