Welcome to REEVA

Welcome to the Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Association. We’re a Do-it-Yourself organization and here to mobilize our efforts to install as many renewable energy systems as possible to reduce our demand on carbon fuels, save money and protect the environment.
Check out the Project Gallery page for all the projects we’ve done. We’re a do-er project oriented club installing residential wind turbines and solar systems on the week-ends. We also help building EV’s that run on wind-solar & meet the first Saturday at 10am of each month. We also support utility scale wind and solar systems and renewable energy legislation. Come out to our project meetings to help or just for education and friendship.
For those wanting a turnkey system we also have professional contractors in our group:
www.structuresDB.com PassivHaus home construction and thermal solar systems
www.powermarkelectrical.com PV solar electric systems
www.rcscomm.net wind power tower installations
“Our renewable energy future is like a 3-legged stool; wind, solar & EV’s all working together.”
“*BE* the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandi
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10 Responses to Welcome to REEVA

  1. solar4ever says:

    We support the Poor Mountain Wind Farm and all wind farms as well.
    Have a renewable energy day,
    Mark E. Hanson

  2. Randy Schwab says:

    I love your Web site. I just shared a link to it with my class at JHU. Looks like a great idea! What’s all this safety stuff? I hope no one got hurt bad!

    • solar4ever says:

      Thanks Randy. My email is mhanson at hughes dot net

    • solar4ever says:

      Hi Randy,
      Safety standards are inportant and no-one works on the roof without a safety harness, just OSHA guidlines so no-one gets hurt, standard solar PV operating procedures, see Home Power magazine.

  3. wayne mowles says:

    I wisk to learn more on renewable energy. I am a self employeed contractor for your home needs and tried of rising energy costs.

  4. eric winter says:

    I have a Honda CRV 2001. I want to convert it to electric. I don’t know much, but I figure with the space below the trunk and beefier shocks, I might be able to pull something off. Can anyone help me?

  5. Scott French says:

    Wow, cool stuff, and DIY, a community of alternative energy enthusiasts! Awesome!
    If you ever find yourself around the Weyers Cave VA area 3913 Lee Hwy. stop in, with prior appointment and I would love to show you a Sunrnr. Please send online membership form.
    Scott French